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jueves, enero 08, 2009

Escaladores del mundo entrad en esta página y contribuid a democratizar las escuelas de este planeta...

Podeis consultar reseñas de escalada y poner las vuestras propias para compartir esas escuelas que tanto os hacen sufrir y gozar.

croquis de escaladada


lunes, diciembre 15, 2008

una página a tener en cuenta

martes, diciembre 11, 2007

Bulder_Bar La Grieta (Valencia, España)
Bulder Bar La Grieta (Valencia, España)
BulderBar La Grieta (Valencia, España)


martes, agosto 01, 2006

Malgrat em resistia a abandonar aquest blog, es el que vaig a fer... Però els que vuiguen continuar coneguent les meves aventures i desventures, no més han de fer clic ací: http://www.lluiso2.blogspot.com Continuació d'un any a Polònia.

Aunque me resistía en abandonar este blog, es lo que voy a hacer... Pero los que quieran continuar conociendo mis aventuras y desventuras, solo han de hacer clic aquí: http://www.lluiso2.blogspot.com/ Continuación de un año en Polonia.

Although I was resisted in abandoning this blog, it is that I go for doing... But the ones that want to continue knowing my adventures and misfortunes, just they have to do click here: http://www.lluiso2.blogspot.com/ Continuation of one year in Poland.

viernes, julio 28, 2006

The end of the way...

I just arrived to Valencia and I was like lost

My mom!!! So good hug you again. And also to my father but anyone could take any picture.

My cousin-brother... ten months without see him

Now at home with my dogs

And that's all folks!!!.... till the nex of course!!!

A visit to Pau in Brussels
This is the view from the window's Pau's house (I don't know if it's well write)

My friend Pau

Good dinner with Damir, Ivana, Pau and Ana.

My frist impresion from this market square was great... so lest's go for beer to some pubs.

We found a party in the park of administrative city

Now I fell strange with so small beer

A lot of sand...

Just move till the morning and look for some after

Nine morning... little tireds... Let's go for bed :-)
After four days of fever, in my last day, I go out from home...
Rynek... :-)

More rynek.
I thougth that will be a clinner city.

Very, very nice street
Somewhere.... but nice.
The arrow.

I dont'n know where we were but was nice.
I like this picture.
Having a rest.
the thinker

that's was all in Brussels folks... next time more.

A barbeque in the lake.

The watermelon...

The wartemelon under the water.

Oli... Baywatch in Kraków

The shadow who is going to jump is Przemek jumping in the night from 8m... but in the night is much harder.
Firemen... but in other sense.

Koni, Katrin and Angelina
Last tango in Paris...
Angi, me, Przemek i Oli.
But... WHY????
Katrin and me in Łubu Dubu, headquarter of ERASMUS during the year.
Oli, Angelina and me with my lolely pink pig bag made by Madzia who in this moments was working in Ireland... big kisses for you!!!
My good friend Przemek and Mateus
Good team!!!
Alredy in the party!!!
oooooooooohhh Yeaahhh!!!

Good dance

Realy good!!!

Next day, little tireds, going to the airport to Brussels.

See you all soon!!!

lunes, julio 17, 2006

See you soon Madzia!!!

Madzia is going to work to Irland... and this is her last night in Kraków till after hoolidays. I'll miss you a lot. Big big kisses!!!!

Here we go!!!... The dart flying directly to the center.

Oli... the new Guillermo Tell.

Angelina searching for her target...

We spended this night like many nights in the hard polish winter... palying darts, having fun and be all together

When we will be all together again?... maybe soon.... maybe never..., but it was realy great. I'll miss you all.